Work Package 3

WP3 – National strategies to promote sport and HEPA – good practice approaches



This WP builds on previous work on the HEPA policy audit tool (PAT), which was developed to provide a standardized instrument to assess national policy approaches to physical activity (Bull, Milton and Kahlmeier 2014). The tool is structured in a ‘question and answer’ format to collect information related to 17 elements identified to be relevant for successful national policy approaches. The PAT was tested and further refined in collaboration with experts from academia, governments and public health institutes in 7 pilot countries, and served as the basis for an updated version 2 of the PAT.

this WP has the aim to further strengthen this promising method and tool in three ways:

  1. support wider application of the PAT across EU countries;
  2. support uptake and application of the results of completed PATs, both nationally and on a European level, and
  3. improved dissemination of the new and available case studies, including through attractive and innovative processing and translation of the comprehensive information collected through the full PATs


  • Workshop with previous PAT leaders and other invited experts took place at the University of Zurich 31st May-1st June 2016
  • a preparatory survey for workshop participants has been carried out on experiences and aspirations for PAT dissemination and impact
  • collection and review of good practice dissemination tools completed
  • recruitment of country leads for a next round of PAT completion has concluded
  • completion of the PAT version 2 by 7 country teams concluded
  • development of a new PAT dissemination template concluded – now available (see below)!
  • completion of the PAT dissemination template by all country teams concluded
  • Summary booklet on the experiences and lessons learned launched (see below)

HEPA Policy Audit Tool dissemination template User Guide

HEPA Policy Audit Tool example

Please download this zip-folder hepa-pat-template as well as the manual and example files above

Summary booklet