Work Package 2

WP2 – Implementation of the EU PA guidelines: practice, challenges and examples across different sectors


  • British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for NCD Prevention, Nuffield Department of Population Health, Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford (coordinator)
  • Physical Activity and Health Unit, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Prevention Institute (EBPI) (formerly known as Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine), University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research, Tampere, Finland
  • Division of Physical Activity and Public Health, Institute of Sport Science and Sport, University of Erlangen- Nürnberg
  • University of Porto, Portugal
  • University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • University of Lisbon, Portugal (Associate Partners)
  • With support for WP3 from Professor Fiona Bull, School of Population Health, the University of Western Australia

Directorate General reference – DG EAC, Education and Training, Erasmus+ Sport: Collaborative partnerships in the sport field


WP2 has three main aims:

Aim 2.1 To provide an exchange system and opportunity to transfer knowledge through workshops where policy, science and implementation are brought together
Aim 2.2 To produce new case studies, materials and guidelines for the dissemination of the EU PA Guidelines from the experience of the WGs
Aim 2.3 To identify areas of success and remaining key challenges for the implementation of the EU PA Guidelines

The outputs of WP 2 will be considerable. They will:

  • Target national focal points already appointed
  • Strengthen capacity building and delivery of EU PA GL
  • Identify outcomes of the workshops as lasting legacy and training material and develop a “blueprint”
  • Support the implementation of the forthcoming WHO PA strategy
  • Monitor progress and identify implementation challenges for EU PA GL


Workshop with EU Focal Points on ‘Valuing physical activity’ held in Belfast, September 2016. Report available here.

Blueprint documents available:

EPHEPA Blueprint for economic tools for physical activity

EPHEPA Blueprint for economic tools for physical activity_powerpoint