Work Package 1

WP1 – Exchange platform on Sport and Health Enhancing Physical Activity



This work package focuses on strengthening and broadening networks to foster sport and HEPA promotion across all relevant sectors and in all parts of the EU. HEPA Europe, the European Network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity, provides the platform and backbone for the activities, including over 150 member institutions from 36 European countries. The annual meetings of HEPA Europe bring together the European and international expert community on physical activity and sport promotion. In addition, the annual meetings serve as a “hub” for the activities of several working groups (WGs), which have been established at the initiative of the HEPA Network’s members in a truly “bottom-up” approach. These WGs are genuine collaborations of practitioners, policy makers and academics, who bring together their experience in determining priorities of the HEPA Europe annual meetings.
The programme also includes the HEPA Europe-EU update session, which serves to:

  • provide an interface between the HEPA Europe network and the European Commission
  • support the dissemination of internationally agreed guidelines and strategies for physical activity policy promotion
  • acting as an active stakeholder with regard to EU-level activities in the field of HEPA
  • contribute to EU-level discussions on future funding and incentives for sport, particularly in the field of HEPA and research related to sport and health
    promoting the exchange of information between HEPA Europe and the Working Group on Sport and Health and other relevant European Commission bodies

The activities in this work package include the preparations and implementation of 2 annual meetings of HEPA Europe (September 2016 – Belfast, United Kingdom; November 2017 – Zagreb, Crotia), including preparatory meetings of the HEPA Europe Steering Committee.

This WP will in particular support the meetings as a networking, learning and dissemination platform, which will also provide for the delivery of WP2. The WP1 approach will advance beyond the classic approaches of developing good-practice knowledge in an academic setting which is then delivered to the target audience, and turn participants themselves into being “actors” and “trainers”.


HEPA Europe 2016 successfully concluded – summary of the event available here.

More information: and #hepaeurope2016

HEPA Europe 2017 website launched –

HEPA Europe 2017 successfully concluded – summary of the event available here